This committee is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating parish prayer and worship in accordance with diocesan policies and directions. The priest and the Music Minister must be members of this committee. The planning of the Liturgy for all seasons of the year and the planning of special liturgical events are the responsibilities of this committee. Good Liturgy takes prayer, thought and preparation. This committee gathers to plan and implement ideas to enhance our worship experiences.

Music/Choir: Music is an important part of our liturgy and there is always a need for singers and instrumentalists. Through the efforts of all the parishioners we have been able to purchase a wonderful organ and sound system for our church. If you have a special interest in music, consider this group.

Linen Caretaker: Ensures that the church liturgy linens are maintained.

Eucharistic Ministers: Members of this ministry assist the Pastor in administering the Eucharist to parishioners during parish liturgies. Eucharistic ministers also distribute the Eucharist to the hospitalized, homebound and those residing in our local nursing homes. Training is provided.

Lectors: Ministers of the Word, commonly known as Lectors, proclaim the Word of God to those coming to worship at Sunday or Daily Mass. Those accepting the call to serve as a Lector must recognize that service in this Ministry is for the purpose of meeting the needs of the parish community and is a commitment to prepare properly to proclaim the Word of God. Training is provided.

Ushers: Ushers ensure a welcoming presence and orderly seating to all those coming to worship. Ushers also take up the weekly collection, and arrange for worshipers to participate in the offertory procession. Ushers also ensure a smooth procession of parishioners to receive the Holy Eucharist. Training is provided.

Set Up: These individuals are responsible for arranging the necessary items for the conduct of the Mass including the wine and hosts and lighting the candles. Training is provided.

Greeters: St Francis of Assisi strives to be a welcoming parish. While we do not have designated greeters and a schedule of assignments, volunteers are encouraged to arrive about 30 minutes before Mass, stand at the door and welcome everyone into worship, making a special effort to meet and recognize new members and visitors.

Altar Servers: Altar Servers provide assistance at regular Mass services, but also are called upon to provide similar assistance during special Masses such as funerals, etc.


Knights of Columbus: An action oriented fraternal organization that strives for a better and stronger church, community and world.

Weekly Bulletin: The bulletin is issued on a weekly basis in order to keep all of the parishioners up to date on the events surrounding the parish.

Fund Raising: There will always be a need for fund raisers in any parish. Fundraisers supplement the church income for expansion of current ministries and special purchases and donations to various charities. In the past, we have had yard sales, bazaars and spaghetti dinners. All of these were not only profitable, but also provided an opportunity for the Amherst community to become better acquainted with our parish and for us to become more aware of the community in which we live.

St. Francis Library: We certainly agree with Augustine Birrell’s (1850-1938) profound statement that “libraries are not made; they grow.” Look back to 12 months ago and compare to where we are today. We have a room, dedicated to our own, unique library purposes; we have 2 1/2 walls of handsome shelving in place; we have inventoried over 1,100 volumes appropriate to our needs and aims; and have been catalogued and processed with checkout pockets and book cards—with more waiting to be processed.